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The Amp-Up!™ RV Y-Adapter plugs into a 30A outlet on separate circuits to provide a 240V/50A service outlet, enabling RVs with 50A service to have full use of air conditioners and appliances when only 30A service is available. Indicator lights are provided for each 30A plug when power is applied. Allow full use of RV appliances. Easy-T-Pull handles.


  • Only use with RVs equipped with breakers.
  • Must be used in combination with properly sized circuit breakers.
  • For RV use only. Do not use for household applications.
  • Do Not Use on a GFCI pedestal.
  • Always check pedestal power for proper polarity prior to plugging into this adapter.
  • Always use appropriate sized cable when running extension cords from the RV to AC power. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, verify that the cable is rated for outdoor use.
  • Both 30A connectors MUST be plugged into pedestal when in use.
  • Care must be taken not to touch brass on plugs when inserting plugs into pedestal.

NOTE: The Amp-Up! Y-Adapter is not a protective device and the connected RV will not be protected from damage should an open neutral or surge develop during the course of operation.

Amp Up! RV Y-Adapter Instruction Sheet




Part NumberFeaturesConfigListed
  • One 50A 120/240V straight blade female receptacle
  • Two 30A 120V straight blade male plugs
  • Options for running both air conditioners: Option 1 – Two 30As on separate circuits. Option 2 – One 30A and one 20A adapter on second 30A




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