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Cord Reels - RV & Marine

Now you can have all of your cords organized on reel systems, eliminating struggles and tangles associated with cords.  No other cord reel system retrieves more quickly or stores more compactly.  Pull the cord and it free spools off the reel...you only pull off what you need.  To retrieve, push the button (motorized) or turn the hand crank (manual)...it's that easy!

The motorized reels feature a unique design that allows the motor to be mounted in the center of the reel drum, a patent-protected innovation.  Cords retract and store in a single unit, eliminating tangled and kinked cords.

TRC offers the most compact and cost effective cord management system in the marketplace


50A RV Power Cord Reels
New & Improved! RH54 & RL54 Series
Motorized Cord Storage Reel
New & Improved! Model RSRM
50 Amp Marine Power Cord Reel
New & Improved! MH Series
50A RV Power Cord Reels (Discontinued)
(Replaced with RH Series)
Motorized Cord Storage Reel (Discontinued)
(Replaced by Model RSRM)
50 Amp Marine Power Cord Reel (Discontinued)
(Replaced with MH Series)

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