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Marine Wash Down Water Hose Reel

(This item has been discontinued and replaced by the MW Series)

Hoses retracted and stored in a single unit, eliminating kinked hoses and slipping.  Reel free spools for hose removal and is powered in by drive motor.

Specifically designed for the marine industry, Shoreline hose reels help streamline boatbuilding, and saves manufacturers and boat owners' space, time and energy.  Do away with struggles, tangles and messes associated with hoses.

  • Side frames are powder coated aluminum
  • Ceiling/wall mountability saves floor space in engine bay
  • D/C powered motor for on-board installation; A/C powered motor for dock box installation
  • Sealed exit hatch available for on-board installation
  • Reels are white in color
  • Hand crank versions also available

Marine Wash Down Water Hose Reel Product Sheet

CW25D Installation Instructions




Part NumberFeaturesConfigListed
  • Brass rotator and fittings – no plastic parts
  • Output is ½ inch MPT
  • Easily installs with common hand tools
  • 25 feet of ½ inch non-collapsible hose
  • Certification: ETL – File #3092048




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