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90A Hardwire - Model 41390-RVC

Automatic Transfer Switch

with Full RV Power Protection
120/240V, 90A, 60 Hz

Surge Guard Model 41390-RVC provides premium protection for your motorhome and enhanced features over other transfer switches on the market. Total electrical protection for your RV. Protects your RV bumper to bumper from faulty park power. Optional, easy to read LCD display constantly monitors and displays the condition of power being supplied to your RV.

RVC communication allows instant display of voltage, current and fault conditions on an RVC compatible device.

Automatic Transfer Switch Features
Transfers to generator power automatically when energized after 30 second delay. When both shore power and generator power are available, generator dominates after a 30 second delay. Once the generator is shut down, shore power activates after a 3-4 second delay.

  • 90A full rated contactor mounted on vibration isolators to ensure quiet operation.
  • Over/under voltage protection. Contactor opens outside of (<95V and >132V) range after 9-second delay. Instantaneous trip at voltages above 140V and below 70V.
  • Over/under frequency protection. Contactor opens outside of (54-70Hz) range after 30-second delay.
  • Source power connection integrity. Contactor will not close or will open in the event of an open source conductor or miswire. (L1, L2, Neutral and Ground.)
  • Brown/blackout protection 2 min 15 second delay is initiated after removal of power to ensure AC compressor head bleed off. Feature can be disabled on remote. (optional)
  • Measures and displays both L1 & L2 load current independently.

Surge Guard Features:

  • 4-mode protection, 3,350 Joules
  • Energy capacity - 130,000 Amps peak.
  • Fuse protected L1/L2 surge suppressers.
  • Plain text display (Replace Surge) of open fuses indicating a failed MOV or open surge connection.

Remote Panel Indicator (Optional) 40272:

  • Continuous visual indication of source voltage (L1, L2) load current or diagnostics.
  • Plain English display of faults. No cryptic error codes.
  • LCD technology with automatic light sensitive back lighting for easy reading in any ambient light condition.

3rd Party Display Systems:

  • RS232 proprietary output data stream for communication with external equipment.

Automatic Transfer Switch 90A Plus Instruction

Automatic Transfer Switch 90A Plus Troubleshooting Guide




Part NumberFeaturesConfigListed
  • Rated 120/240V, 90A
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • 3350 Joules
  • Optional Remote Display
  • Cable for Optional Display




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